2048 Game Tricks

Hint 1:

Always keep the largest number in the top corner.


Hint 2:

When more than one option available to move, move to top first.

Hint 3:

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Delete contributing artists for multiple audio files

To remove the contributing artists from multiple files please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select the required files.


Step 2: Right click and select the Properties option from the menu
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Struts2 Tutorial Part 1 – Introduction

Struts2 is a modern framework to develop java based web application. It follows the MVC architecture. If we are aware of jsp/servlet then Struts2 can be easily learned.

Why Struts 2?

We have several methodologies to develop web application. Then why Struts2? Below are the key reasons.

Minimal code

If we setup the Struts 2 environment most of the activities like login verification, authorization flow, pre and post activities will be take care by the framework. We can only concentrate on the real work. (Will learn later in detail)

Compatible with other technologies

Easy to integrate with other technologies like Spring. (Will learn later in detail)

Purely Java based (POJO objects)

Any java object can be a struts2 class. If we aware of java that is enough to use this framework. (Will learn later in detail)

Custom Stuts2 UI tags

– Struts2 provides huge set of custom tags. By using the framework custom tags we can rapidly minimize the code. (Will learn later in detail)
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